Jelena Petrovic

Junior EURIAS Fellow
Gender Studies, Literature
Graduate School in Humanities, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Project Title: 
The Red Thread of Love: Toward a Transformative Paradigm of Private/Public Space through Individual/Collective Emancipatory Practices
Project Abstract: 

The concept of love will be reflected as an active paradigm that shifts the boundaries between public and private space and between individual and collective relations through different forms of sociality. The social subjectification of love is perceived as an emerging process toward the emancipatory re/production of everyday life. The research will use anthropology as methodological and analytical tool, feminism and history of the leftist ideas as a political-theoretical ground and contemporary art as a field of emancipatory practice. Accordingly, the main goal of the research is to explore and articulate the idea of love as an emancipatory act of thinking, understanding and living, on the one hand, and to face and reflect the prevailing social constructs of love in public/private space and trough individual/collective relations on the other. This cross-disciplinary research is aimed to generate societal transformative epistemology of love that intervenes into ideology and politics of love by groundbreaking strategies of knowledge production.

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