Selected Projects 2019

In the first round of applications (the deadline was September 1, 2019) five innovative projects were selected:

“Unravelling existential suffering and its relation to depression in older adults: EXIST-well in nursing homes”, led by Jessie DEZUTTER, KU Leuven. The team is hosted at NIAS (Amsterdam), Zukunftskolleg (Konstanz), MAK’IT (Montpellier) and Paris IAS.

“Cartoons in Court: Towards a Forensic Analysis of Visual Humor”, led by Alberto GODIOLI, University of Groningen. The team is hosted at CEU-IAS (Budapest), NIAS (Amsterdam), IIAS (Jerusalem) and SCAS (Uppsala).

“Moving beyond traditional methods of identifying and overcoming negative attitudes towards vaccinations (ACTION team)”, led by Angelos KASSIANOS, University College London and University of Cyprus. The team is hosted at SCAS (Uppsala), IIAS (Jerusalem), MAK’IT (Montpellier) and Scienza Nuoa (Turin)

“A psycholegal approach to international criminal justice. Improving decision making in the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court”, led by Anna SAGANA, Maastricht University. The team is hosted at ZIF (Bielefeld), NIAS (Amsterdam), CEU-IAS (Budapest) and Zukunftskolleg (Konstanz).

“Corruption and Anti-Corruption in Empirical Research: Critical Reflections on Concepts, Data and Methods”, led by Ilona WYSMULEK, Polish Academy of Sciences. The team is hosted at Paris IAS, NIAS (Amsterdam), Madrid IAS and SCAS (Uppsala).