Terms of the fellowships

Research period and residence requirement

Fellowships are typically awarded for 3-9 months, preference is given to those who will stay longer periods. The academic year starts on the Monday after October 1 and ends around June 30. Applicants can request fellowships for the fall and/or winter semester.

Because of the importance of the scholarly community in the life of the Institute, fellows are expected to be in residence all through the academic year and participate in the seminars, coffee hours, receptions and the weekly lunch gatherings. Fellows who stay the full year are required to not leave Budapest for longer than a week at a time and for more than 20 days overall. 

Finances and accommodation

All information about the stiped, grants, and further support is published annually in the corresponding calls for applications. 

In addition to the stipend, fellows receive free accommodation at the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse. This is not exchangeable for cash payments and all fellows are expected to stay at the Guesthouse (with the exception of fellows who live in Budapest). The Guesthouse offers comfortable, fully furnished apartments of varying sizes. It is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Budapest, about a 20 minute walk (or 5 minute bus ride) away from CEU. Fellows pay for the cost of utilities at the Guesthouse as well as their travel.

Health insurance

Fellows are responsible for making sure that they have proper health insurance; this is not included in the fellowship. European Union citizens can do so by obtaining an EU Health Insurance Card. Non-EU citizens must arrange for their own health insurance. IAS CEU will help arrange this but will not be financially responsible for the costs.