IAS Fellows 19/20

July 8, 2019

In the coming academic year an impressive cohort of Fellows, selected from over 330 applicants will join the Institute for Advanced study at CEU. Altogether 25 distinguished scholars and artists will come to Budapest for periods ranging from 3-10 months, from 15 countries to work on their research topic in the humanities and social sciences without interruption from other commitments, to finish a book manuscript, explore different routes towards a possible new research projects, or to work with someone at CEU, in Budapest or the region.  

The Institute selects projects that demonstrate academic excellence and strength in their relevant disciplinary areas, such as philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology or cognitive psychology, while we also welcome and foster explicitly interdisciplinary and innovative approaches. For the coming year, fellows' projects cover a range of gender-related topics such as women in North Korea during the Cold War, construction of gender in stand-up comedy in Nigeria or contemporary expressions of sexualized nationalism. Some of the fellows zoom in on the important social issues such as role of access to social protection in migrants' experience, well-being of children at school or the role of the Hungarian church in education. Our Fellow philosophers look into the issues of the medieval logic, optimism, pessimism and self-evaluation and Aristotel's vice. Our Botstiber fellows, generously supported by The Dietrich W. Botstiber Foundation, bring in projects on the transatlantic cultural and musical links between the USA and Europe. We also look forward to hosting projects on the life of state socialism's secrets, oral history of the Irish Republican prisoners, the afterlife of the World Trade Center ruins and contemporary Ukrainian war poetry and more. 

The Artist in Residence Program will continue to host three artists, a visual artist and two writers.  As in previous years, writers and artists contribute to the research community with their insights into the complexities of artistic creativity and its various linkages with academic scholarship and inquiries. IAS is happy to host two Senior Global Challenges Fellows with projects on the role cash transfer programs in fueling political competition in Brazil and the anti-corruption effects of the public access to information in India. We are also proud to continue hosting two Thyssen Junior Fellows thanks to the ongoing support of the Thyssen Foundation. 

We are very grateful to all our sponsors and look forward to hosting the next cohort of Fellows who will take residence in the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse below Buda Castle in September-October of 2019 and will mold what IAS CEU and CEU at large can offer to fit their own scholarly taste and needs and create a vibrant intellectual community.

See the list of our new fellows for the Academic Year 2019/20 here