Gábor Hörcher

Artist in Residence
Period of Stay: 
October 2017 – January 2018
Visual Art
Project Title: 
System Error - Direct Democracy and Global Migration
Project Abstract: 

“System Error” is a transmedia activist concept and alternative reality game with an educational, nonprofit purpose. On one hand it intends to boost the transition from indirect to direct democracy and on the other hand it facilitates sensitivity and proactive action in relation to the current refugee influx in Europe. This interactive art project tells the story of a high school or university student election process challenged by the contemporary migration situation while it takes the wrong turn due to conspiracy and fraud. The project aims to bring the participants - the real students of high schools and universities - to the conclusion that they themselves can control public decisions, thus politics and they don't need representatives to intermediate and distort their wishes. It aims for the better understanding of the current transcontinental refugee situation by creating direct contact with the migrating families and by mobilising the participants in the aid for those who are in great need now. This multimedia art project shall have a franchiseable design therefore it could be executed in different schools and universities in different countries again and again.

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