Youssef Mnaili

GIAS Fellow
Period of Stay: 
September 2022 – August 2023
Political Science; International Relations
PhD, European University Institute
Project Title: 
The Political Dynamics of Settlement Projects: The Central State – Settler Relation in Israel and South Africa
Project Abstract: 

This project engages with the analogy of the Israeli Settler movement and Afrikaner nationalism. Despite commonalities between the two movements, only the latter has attempted to decolonize, resulting in the end of the apartheid. Thus, how did the leadership of Afrikaner nationalism come to see a democratic state as a better guarantor of their interests than domination through separation? And relatedly, what can the South African ‘moment’ inform us regarding the Israel settlement movement? The research is grounded on a fieldwork inquiry based on interviews with the movements elites combined with a process-tracing methodology to reconstruct the concept of political reform beyond the ethnic state.