The Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (NetIAS) has launched a new web-site

May 17, 2019

The Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (NetIAS), created in 2004 to  to stimulate a dialogue on IAS practices and possible forms of cooperation, has launched a new web-site. 

Last year IAS CEU Director Nadia Al-Bagdadi was unanimously elected the new President of the Network. 

IAS Junior Core Fellow Inge Van de Ven's blogpost on reading big books today

May 6, 2019

IAS Junior Core Fellow Inge Van de Ven published a post for the International Cognition & Culture Institute blog: Why read a big book? Quantitative Relevance in the Attention Economy.

The post can be accessed here.

Former IAS Senior Core Fellow Nina Peršak's new article on emotions in criminal law policy

IAS 2018/2019 Senior Core Fellow Nina Peršak published a new article titled Beyond public punitiveness: The role of emotions in criminal law policy in the International Journal of law, Crime and Justice. The article results form the project that Nina Peršak was working on during her fellowship at IAS. 

New book by the IAS former fellow Charles Wolfe

April 9, 2019

IAS congratulates former fellow Charles Wolfe on publishing a a new book titled La philosophie de la biologie avant la biologie: une histoire du vitalisme (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2019, 514 p.).

IAS former fellow Hana Kubátová on divided memories of the Second World War in the Czech lands and Slovakia

February 26, 2019

On Tuesday, 5 March at 6 p.m. at Gellner room IAS former fellow Dr. Hana Kubátová (Charles University, Prague) will give a lecture titled 'We Know That You Are Not Guilty!' Postwar Myths of Jewish Collaboration, Czech Victimhood, and Slovakian Heroism'.

The lecture is organized by the CEU Jewish Studies Program.

Find the poster of the public lecture below.