IAS alumnus Dieter Reinisch` new book is out now

November 7, 2022

IAS CEU is delighted to congratulate former Junior Core Fellow Dieter Reinisch on publishing his book Learning behind Bars: How IRA Prisoners Shaped the Peace Process in Ireland  (University of Toronto Press, 2022), which he was writing at IAS CEU during his fellowship in 2019-2020.

New monograph by IAS alumna Kind-Kovács

August 21, 2022

IAS CEU is delighted to congratulate its 2019 alumna, former Botstiber Fellow Friederike Kind-Kovács on publishing her new monograph titled: Budapest's Children - Humanitarian Relief in the Aftermath of the Great War, which was partly written during her stay at IAS CEU.

Segev`s new book at OUP is out now

August 3, 2022

Former IAS Junior Core Fellow Mor Segev`s book titled: The Value of the World and of Oneself - Philosophical Optimism and Pessimism from Aristotle to Modernity, that he was working on while he was in Budapest as an IAS fellow, is out now. IAS CEU congratulates its alumnus Mor Segev on his outstanding achievements.

New publication by Senior Core Fellow Paul Spickard

May 30, 2022

Warmest congratulations to IAS Senior Core Fellow Paul Spickard on his new publication entitled: 'Shape Shifting: Toward a Theory of Racial Change' that has been written and  published in 2022, while being a Fellow at IAS CEU.

New publications by IAS alumna Andrea Timár

March 17, 2022

IAS CEU congratulates its alumna Andrea Timár on a series of new publications that are directly related to the research that she pursued while being a Senior Core Fellow at IAS CEU.