Call for fellows. Intercontinental Academia (ICA): Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

February 7, 2020

As a member of the UBIAS (University-based Institutes for Advanced Study) IAS CEU is delighted to share that the Call for Fellows for the Intercontinental Academia (ICA) is now open. The overarching theme of the ICA is Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. The call is open from February 3, 2020 to May 15, 2020

The ICA seeks to create a global network of future research leaders by constructing an arena in which the very best early/mid-career scholars will work together on paradigm-shifting cross-disciplinary research, mentored by some of the most eminent researchers from across the globe.  A key aspect is deriving the full benefit of the intercontinental origins of the endeavour and diversity of thought and culture. This immersive and intense experience is expected to transform the scholar's own approach to research, enhance their awareness of the work, relevance and potential impact of other disciplines, and to inspire and facilitate new collaborations between distant disciplines; our aim is to make a real, yet volatile, intellectual cocktail that leads to meaningful outputs.

The academia is based around two Intensive workshops held on different continents which provide space for learning about the inward perspective of each "subject", performing a comparative analysis of the panorama and searching for correlations among these different views and perspectives. The scholars are guided during these workshops by an array of mentors who are themselves some of the most outstanding disciplinary and interdisciplinary researchers of our time. Within the program the scholars will have the space to help to define the precise workshop structure and the outputs from the project (example: a book is envisaged).

More information on 'How to apply' can be found in the call for applciations.