Yusaf Akbar

Faculty Fellow
Period of Stay: 
October - December 2023
Central European University, Austria
Project Title: 
Going to the Dark Side: The Role of Non-Market Strategies in Shaping Regulation of Sharing Platforms
Project Abstract: 

This research project has two goals. First, it examines the relative influence of state regulators, societal norms and economic pressures on the selection of non-market strategies of sharing platforms. Second, the research project seeks to further disaggregate the nature and type of non-market strategies employed by sharing platform owners by classifying them into bargaining and nonbargaining non-market categories. The research is a multi-disciplinary project bringing together perspectives from economics, political science and strategic management as insights from these literatures are crucial for a comprehensive understanding of sharing platform owners’ non-market strategies and activities. The work builds also on work in both sharing platform research and non-market strategy scholarship and is an exciting opportunity to synthesize these two separate literature streams.