Yevhenii Tkachenko

Period of Stay: 
1 December 2023 - 30 November 2024
Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University
Project Title: 
Minority Rights Protection in Ukraine
Project Abstract: 

The relevance of the research lies in the consideration of theoretical and practical problems of the realization of minority rights during the war and the post-war period in Ukraine. Currently, the problem of finding a legislative balance between the goal of the state language policy to ensure the use and development of the Ukrainian language as the state language and, on the other hand, the guarantee of the right to education or study of the native language by representatives of minorities, is still relevant in the educational sphere in Ukraine. In this aspect, it is important to refer to the positive experience of other European democratic states. In particular, during the research, it is planned to refer to the legislation and analysis of the ethno-national policy in the field of education of the countries of the European Union. In addition, it is planned to turn to the analysis of the problems of the realization of minority rights in other spheres of public life (informational, cultural, and others), as well as to the problem of the legal status of certain ethnic minorities (in particular, the Roma) in Ukraine. Also the issue of legal regulation of the protection of the rights of religious minorities is relevant for Ukraine, and turning to the experience of religious policy in this field in the countries of the European Union will help to develop an optimal model of national legislation and state humanitarian policy in this area.