Vincenza Lucherini

Senior Fellow
Medieval Art History
University of Naples, Italy
Project Title: 
The artistic patronage of Robert (1309-1343) and Charles Robert of Anjou (1309-1342) between Naples and Hungary: a comparative study
Project Abstract: 

The aim of my project is to study the artistic patronage of the simultaneous reigns of Robert and Charles Robert of Anjou, in Naples and Hungary respectively. The idea of this project came from my earlier research carried out in Naples on the artistic patronage of the Angevin family between the end of the XIII and the beginning of the XIV centuries. During my stay at the Collegium Budapest I plan to study and to analyse in particular the various textual sources of the Medieval Angevin period in Hungary and in Naples, using the method that I have tested in my previous research. In order to do this I would need to frequent the most important libraries of Budapest, first of all the National Széchény Library.