Sorin Gog

Volkswagen NewDem Fellow
Anthropology, Religious Studies
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Project Title: 
Second Class Citizenship in an EU Country: Marginalized Rroma and the Pentecostal Politics of Identity
Project Abstract: 

The main argument of my research proposal is that the religious conversion of Rroma / Gypsies from Romania to Pentecostalism leads to a restructuring of their every-day life and their social networks but most of all to the production of specific ethnic narratives of identity and a religious understanding of what it means to be an Rroma. The Rroma Pentecostal movement is generating institutional and symbolic resources that allow for a new type of ethnic management of identity and this has to be related to three distinct issues: social de-marginalization, the moralization of conduct and the creation of a socially integrated communities. My research project aims at ethnographically analyzing how the globalization of Pentecostalism among the Rroma has led to the institutionalization of alternative social and cultural means needed for the creation of a new type of ethnic micro-communities.

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