Péter Róbert

Senior Core Fellow
Period of Stay: 
October 2019 - June 2020
Széchenyi István University
Project Title: 
Children in School: Well-being and beyond
Project Abstract: 

The planned project builds on various investigations on children’s subjective well-being. These studies (e.g. ISCWeB) aim to collect data on children’s lives, daily activities and on their own perceptions and evaluations of their well-being. My research will mirror how children aged 8, 10, 12, 16 years old feel at home, in the family, in the school, in the classroom, in their peer group with their friends. To this end, children report about these questions themselves, expressing also that their opinions matter and that adults should pay attention to their voices. It is assumed that children’s well-being interrelates with other aspects of their lives like how they perform in school, what plans they have for the future, how they imagine themselves as adults. These questions are relevant for the stakeholders, too, and these issues should permanently be investigated from the viewpoint of family policy and educational policy.