Medha Chaturvedi

Junior Global Challenges Fellow
Period of Stay: 
October 2015 - March 2016
Political Science and International Relations
University of Delhi, India
Project Title: 
Political Representation and Counterinsurgency: A Case Study of India’s Left Wing Extremism
Project Abstract: 

The purpose of the study is to identify the role of democratic politics, and political parties in relation to the emergence of, and response to, Left Wing Extremism. The study is based on the hypothesis that one of the key factors contributing to Left Wing Extremism in India is the failure of effective representative, democratic politics, and assumes that reinstatement of these can provide people with the power to shape State policy and the consequent action will prevent and counter Left Wing Extremism. Despite being the world’s largest democracy, failure of true spirit of representation thus far had caused multiple conflicts in India, LWE being one of the most severe. The study will aim to produce strategies that may be considered by political parties to strengthen representative democratic politics as an effective tool to prevent and counter LWE. The author seeks to study the possibility of social change and politics towards a just social order. To this end, the author aims to raise awareness of the role of politics, political parties and political representation in social change, and develop a framework which would aid in formulating policy and political strategies that may be considered by political parties for addressing key challenges facing the country. The author, through this study, aims to reiterate the relevance of social transformation based on constitutional values. In this context, the author aims to examine the role of government because government functions through policies, which are the control parameters. Based on this, actions are taken which lead to impacts which we intend changing.

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