Katarzyna Gajewska

Junior Volkswagen NewDem Fellow
Political Science
Project Title: 
Reinventing the state from below: public governance and engaged citizenship in the recent disputes over tenants’ issues in Poland
Project Abstract: 

My research project investigates the transformation of citizenship norms (a growing preference for participation outside state-defined channels, in the form of direct, networked collective action) and its implication for public administration and governance at the local level in Poland. While in Budapest, I will study the example of the interactions between tenants' movements and local authorities and administration. This will be a starting point to develop a conceptualization of societal governance, operating parallel to state hierarchy and market mechanisms. The effects of mobilization and of interaction between citizens and public administration will be analyzed with a focus on possible outcomes in the form of social inclusion of marginalized actors, redistributive effects, and efficient use of public resources and control mechanisms. This analysis will allow me to map new governance mechanisms induced by citizen mobilization.

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