Judit Bodnár

Faculty Fellow
Period of Stay: 
January – June 2017
Sociology and Social Anthropology
Central European University, Hungary
Project Title: 
A House in Buda: A Micro-History of a Middle-Class Dwelling
Project Abstract: 

C 14 is an ordinary apartment building. It was constructed for mid-bourgeois tenants in an upper-middle-class area of Budapest in 1925. Today it still comprises solid middle-class dwellings and businesses in a dependable upper-middle-class district. The apparent constancy in its status, however, is a result of a multitude of movements. Staying bourgeois entailed a careful negotiation of turbulent historical periods, several urban restructuring processes and regimes of justice, in which the infrastructure of bourgeois dwelling and its meaning have also changed. It is these changes that this project aims to trace using a combination of oral history interviews and a unique archival source, the ‘Tenant Book,’ which recorded population movement for the building until 1990.

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