Jean-Robert Tyran

Senior Joint Budapest Fellow
Period of Stay: 
October 2023 - February 2024
University of Vienna, Austria
Project Title: 
Valuing Democracy: Diagnosing Democratic Resilience and Validating Surveys with Economic Experiments
Project Abstract: 

This project proposes to measure democratic norms and values in Europe with incentivized online economic experiments and non-incentivized survey methods. The project contributes to the diagnostic of democratic norms and values in two ways: (1) we generate a behavioral index of democratic resilience to provide behavioral warning signals in incentivized experiments, and (2) we compare our incentivized behavioral measures to responses in nonincentivized surveys to validate the survey measures. Our behavioral index measuring (a) democratic engagement, (b) public-spiritedness at the ballot box, and (c) the intrinsic value of voting rights may serve to identify groups whose democratic norms are fraying.