Ivana Djuric

Junior Volkswagen NewDem Fellow
Political Science
University of Nottingham, UK
Project Title: 
Refugee repatriation policy, EU’s conditionality and minority return to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo
Project Abstract: 

The aim of the proposed research is to examine the impact of EU's political conditionality, relief aid and economic development assistance on post-conflict refugee repatriation policy in the newest European democracies, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. The project is concerned particularly with the EU's influence over policies relating to the repatriation of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) from ethnic, religious or political minorities, involved in the original conflict, and returning to the areas where their group represents a minority population. These groups, such as Serbs and Roma, are considered unwanted and feared lest they challenge a newly established political or economic order, thus undermining regime stability

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