Harriet Hulme

Junior Core Fellow
Period of Stay: 
October 2021 - June 2022
Independent Researcher
Project Title: 
On the Threshold: Hospitality, Translation and Telling Tales
Project Abstract: 

On the Threshold: Hospitality, Translation and Telling Tales explores the relationship between narrative, translation and hospitality in both theory and practice. Taking a geo-literary approach which maps questions of physical location and movement onto questions of textual location and movement, I locate an ethics of hospitality on the threshold between the said and the unsaid, the translated and the untranslated, the tales we tell and those we leave untold or deliberately silence. The project engages with a series of contemporary narratives of movement and migration and brings these into conversation with theoretical discourses on hospitality drawn from continental philosophy, translation studies and postcolonial studies. Alongside this theoretical and literary analysis, I develop a public engagement project, The Babel Collective, which works with refugees and asylum seekers to explore the intersection of storytelling, translation and hospitality via the creation of a collaborative translation project.