Hana Haskova

Junior Volkswagen NewDem Fellow
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic / Charles University, Prague
Project Title: 
Work-life balance and changes in private life and work arrangements from the life course perspective
Project Abstract: 

During the last twenty years, post-socialist countries of the former Eastern European block have been a place of significant changes in the labor market, partnership and family arrangements, and organization of work and care. The project is focused on the exploration and explanation of the changes in the forms of private (partnership/family) life and their combination with work life from the life course perspective. Life course will be studied quantitatively and qualitatively with focus on the explanation of variations between socially, economically, demographically and regionally differentiated populations. The aim is to map work and private life trajectories of Czech population, to explain their differentiation among various groups of the population, and to identify new risks and social inequalities brought about by the contemporary changes in work and private life trajectories.

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