Gyorgy Borbely

Senior Fellow
University of Debrecen, Hungary / Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Project Abstract: 

The aim of the study is to write a Hungarian textbook on oxygen evolving microbes, Cyanobacteria and Algae,Oxygen evolving microbes and to survey the recent biology, taxonomy and phylogeny of these organisms. The book is going to cover the endosymbiotic theory and phylogenic approaches in the description of Protists, emergence of sexes with an emphasis on Algae. Molecular phylogenic and evolutionary approaches are planned to dominate the rationale of the book. Beside the morphological attributes, physiological, biochemical and virological approaches will be discussed. The emphasis in high level taxonomy has shifted away from the historic kingdoms toward a new system of six supergroups (Amoebozoa, Opisthokonta, Archaeplastida [or Plantae], Chromalveolata, Rhizaria and Excavata) that aims to describe evolutionary relationships between microbial and macrobial lineages.

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