Domonkos Sik

Junior Volkswagen NewDem Fellow
Sociology, Social Theory
University of Debrecen, Hungary
Project Title: 
Paradox modernizations in Central East Europe – a book project
Project Abstract: 

My research aims at elaborating a critical theory and theory of modernization capable of describing the specific problems of post-transition Central East European countries. These specific problems are rooted in the lack of transition on the level of lifeworld. Thus theoretical efforts must focus on the chances of such a transition. According to Habermas lifeworld is reproduced in communicative actions, which are based on the moral perspective of the actors. Therefore my theory focus on the conditions of moral transition in post-socialist condition. The theory is constituted of two major parts: the identification of the universal experiences capable of inducing the transformation of moral perspective; and the preconditions of the stabilization and diffusion of such changes. In Collegium Budapest I would like to summarize my previous theoretical efforts, and extend them to empirical direction by reinterpreting the relevant empirical literature and by analyzing the database of a longitudinal cross-national survey.

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