David Jorgensen

Junior Fellow
Period of Stay: 
October 2016 – June 2017
Religious Studies
Colby College, US
Project Title: 
The Heretical Moses: Heterodox Christianity and the Jewish Law
Project Abstract: 

This monograph will investigate the reception of the Pentateuch and New Testament texts in three important heterodox Christian movements in the second to fourth centuries: the Valentinians (a.k.a. Gnostics), the Marcionites, and the “Jewish Christian” community responsible for the Pseudo-Clementine literature. This interdisciplinary project will capitalize on recent but disconnected scholarship in these three subfields, with an eye towards their potential influence upon each other, the role all of these groups played in the development of katholikos conceptions of Pentateuchal legislation, and the complex untidiness of Christianity’s long “parting of the ways” from Judaism in late antiquity.