Chaim Gans

Senior Core Fellow
Period of Stay: 
April 2022 - June 2022
Legal and Political Theory
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Project Title: 
Cosmopolitanism, Ethno-Cultural Nationalism, and the Distribution of Cultural Rights
Project Abstract: 

The research project consists of three parts. Part I mainly expands on a distinction underlying my book A Political Theory for the Jewish People between two types of nationalism: Proprietary and Liberationist as exemplified by several contemporary and historical cases of nationalist ideologies and movements. This is done in order to examine the relationship between nationalism and cosmopolitanism on the one hand, and multiculturalism on the other, in the three major spheres in which they are generally considered to be mutually exclusive or conflicting —their ethical presuppositions regarding the nature of the individual as a moral agent, their visions regarding individuals' cultural horizons, and in the realm of justice (specifically, in the distribution of ethno-national and cultural rights). Part II develops a cosmopolitan account of justice regarding the distribution of national and cultural rights. Part III analyzes the alleged conflict between nationalism, cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism with regard to the desirable vision of the individual's cultural horizons.