Carna Brkovic

Junior Fellow
Social Anthropology
Project Title: 
Veze and the publics: rethinking political potential of semi-formal exchanges in contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project Abstract: 

This research addresses whether veze, the local way of relating which enabled people to 'get things done' in an institutional setting, can be understood as a device for the creation of the publics in contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina. It explores how veze are discussed in Bosnian printed and online media, from the perspective of feminist theories on the discursive public spheres, and compares this with ethnographic data on practical uses of veze in one Bosnian town. Taking into account the relationality of veze, the project asks whether they could be addressed as mechanisms of the discursive public spheres which go beyond Westphalian nationalist background, and if so, how such a process works.

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