Bogdan Kryvolapov

Period of Stay: 
1 December 2023 - 30 November 2024
International Law
Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University
Project Title: 
RRestitution and Return of Illegally Exported Cultural Artifacts to Ukraine Due to Russian Federation’s Aggression
Project Abstract: 

The proposed scientific project, titled "Restitution and Return of Illegally Exported Cultural Artifacts to Ukraine Due to Russian Federation's Aggression," aims to address the crucial issues surrounding the protection of cultural property, particularly in times of armed conflicts. Special attention will be paid on the challenges surrounding the return of cultural objects that were unlawfully exported due to the aggression of the Russian Federation. To achieve these goals, the following actions are proposed:
1. Conduct a comparative analysis of different doctrines and regulations pertaining to the return of cultural property.
2. Examine the activities of governmental authorities responsible for the preservation of national cultural heritage in various countries.
3. Analyze international treaties related to the protection of cultural property.
4. Investigate the activities of international governmental and non-governmental organizations engaged in the protection of cultural property.
5. Analyze existing concepts related to the problem of "good faith purchaser."
6. Evaluate databases from different countries that contain information on stolen and illegally exported cultural objects.
7. Investigate the issue of compensating for the loss or damage of cultural objects that are considered part of the national cultural heritage.
In addition to the research project, I aspire to develop a highly sought-after course on the "Protection of Cultural Property in International Law