Asmati Chibalashvili

VUIAS fellow at IAS CEU
Period of Stay: 
1 December 2023 - 30 November 2024
Art, Cultural Studies
Modern Art Research Institute of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine
Project Title: 
Posthumanist Tendencies in the Art of the XX-XXI Centuries
Project Abstract: 

The purpose of my research is to identify the impact of technology on the artistic process and reflect posthumanist trends in contemporary art. I plan to research new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and others, and the mechanisms of their involvement in the creative process. My work will be aimed at studying the methods that artists use to find new forms of expression, to engage the audience and to experiment with renewed mechanisms of communication with the audience. Post-humanist trends in the art of the 20th-21st centuries involve a reassessment of human existence, identity and connection with technology. Artists are experimenting with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies to find new forms of expression. Engaging interactivity and virtual reality allow artists to engage audiences by inviting them to actively participate. Social networks and media platforms have become a one of the key platform for interacting with audiences, while the evolution from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 is redefining the relationship between people, technology and art. The role of art as a tool to humanize technology, raise awareness, and establish emotional connections is important. The study of specific examples of works of art, in which the mentioned aspects of post-humanist art are realized, with their subsequent systematization and classification is planned during the implementation of the proposed study.