Andrea Virginás

Affiliated Fellow
Period of Stay: 
January - March 2024
Media and Communication
Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania
Project Title: 
Culturally Mediated Traumas in European Small National Cinemas: 1990s Regime Changes, 2000s Market Deregulations, 2010s Anthropocenic Threats
Project Abstract: 

The loose timeframe of the research corpus is set by the two major collective traumas that may be linked to a contemporary film historical context: the 1989-1991 dismantling of the Eastern Bloc and the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. The project aims at the comparative examination of six small national cinemas in Europe, related cinematic trends and sample films as mediated cultural articulations of these collective traumas. A two-fold result is expected: 1) a 21st century overview of the contemporary film history of European small national cinemas and the creative practices that enable them to co-exist with better funded and more influential major national or global-reach cinemas; and 2) the re-conceptualization of the position of narrative fiction film within the current data-driven and algorithmic media landscape. Regarding the latter, I will argue that narrative fiction film is the main audiovisual form of representation that evolved into a highly efficient apparatus of processing collective traumas into cultural ones, including the particular variations that small national standpoints  – in this case of Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Scottish and Irish origin – entail.