Dattatary Bhandalkar

Junior Global Challenges Fellow
Period of Stay: 
October 2017 – March 2018
Social work
School of Social Work, Tata Institution of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Project Title: 
Language of Indigenous Resistance in India: Analyzing Forms and Contestation to Governmentality, Globalization & Culture
Project Abstract: 

Indigenous communities form a significant portion of India’s population. These groups are primarily dependent on forest resources for their livelihood. With the rapid growth of industrialization and the changing global institutions during the globalized era, India is home to many development projects by leading corporate organizations, various multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies, which are being implemented in close coordination with the local and state government bodies. The government has joined hands with global development agencies to implement large infrastructure development projects that are largely in forests as well as other mineral intensive areas, populated with indigenous communities. The indigenous communities are highly affected in terms of livelihood opportunities, spaces of habitation, land ownership, displacement challenges, access to basic resources etc. This study focuses on understanding the different forms and processes of resistance conceived among indigenous groups against the changing global institutions. Further, it also aims at exploring how the indigenous groups contest governmentality and globalization and how their resistance reflect at the larger policy platforms.

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