Happymon Jacob

Senior Global Challenges Fellow (supported by the Volkswagen Foundation)
Period of Stay: 
October 2016 – March 2017
Political Science
Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Project Title: 
India-Pakistan Border Management: Violence, Institutions and Peacebuilding
Project Abstract: 

My project is a historical-institutional study of the management of the India-Pakistan border/Line of Control with special reference to the contested borders in Jammu and Kashmir. The project will critically explore the historical and institutional aspects of the border management practices between the two countries. The proximate objective of this study stems from the fact that the Indo-Pak borders in Jammu and Kashmir have witnessed repeated ceasefire violations over the past many years. These ceasefire violations have the potential to not only begin a crisis but also escalate an emergent crisis between the two sides, especially in the aftermath of terror incidents. In other words, ceasefire violations could lead to conflict escalation between the two countries even in the absence of other triggers.

This study would therefore examine the linkage between ceasefire violations and escalation dynamics between India and Pakistan, explore the major causes behind ceasefire violations, and, suggest policy recommendations for both governments on what needs to be done to avoid the ceasefire violations.

The study would make use of theoretical and empirical insights from the institutional literature, and border/ceasefire management literature from around the world.