2020/21 academic year: books by the IAS Fellows and Alumni

June 16, 2021

The 2020/21 academic year has often been labelled as 'quiet' and 'slow' as almost all academic life in its habitual format has frozen and on site events and meetings cancelled or postponed. However, for many of the IAS fellows and alumni it has created much desied space and given time for finalizing their work and preparing it for publication. This is a recap of what books authored, co-authored or edited by the IAS fellows and alumni saw the light of the day in 2020/21.

Out now - Reassessing Communism (eds. by IAS CEU Thyssen alumna Agnieszka Mrozik)

A new book Reassessing Communism: Concepts, Culture, and Society in Poland, 1944–1989 (CEU Press, 2021) edited, among others, by the IAS CEU Thyssen alumna Agieszka Mrozik is out now.

New article by the IAS Thyssen Fellow István Pál Ádám

IAS Thyssen Fellow István Pál Ádám published an article Budapest’s Freedom Square and its Collection of Memory Narratives in the Mémoires en Jeu - Memories at Stake, N13, Spring 2021. 

Out now: IAS CEU Yearbook 2019/20

May 11, 2021

The latest edition of the IAS CEU Yearbook 2019/20 is out now and can be accessed here. In the book, IAS CEU Fellows on 2019/20 report and reflect on their fellowship experiences, and the IAS shares its yet other milestones and achievements of the last year.