Fellows' Publications

New publication by Senior Core Fellow Paul Spickard

Warmest congratulations to IAS Senior Core Fellow Paul Spickard on his new publication entitled: 'Shape Shifting: Toward a Theory of Racial Change' that has been written and  published in 2022, while being a Fellow at IAS CEU.

New publications by IAS alumna Andrea Timár

March 17, 2022

IAS CEU congratulates its alumna Andrea Timár on a series of new publications that are directly related to the research that she pursued while being a Senior Core Fellow at IAS CEU.

Out now - the book by the IAS alumna Christine M. Philliou

October 11, 2021

IAS CEU warmly congratulates its 2012/13 alumna Christine M. Philliou on the publication of her monograph Turkey. A past against History (University of California Press, 2021). The book is directly related to the project that Christine M. Philliou was working on during her Senior fellowship at the IAS in 2012/13.

New publications by IAS CEU alumna Ágnes Györke

October 7, 2021

IAS CEU congratulates its 2012/13 alumna Ágnes Györke on a series of publications in 2021 which are directly related to the project that Ágnes pursued while being a fellow at IAS.

New publications by the IAS Affiliated Fellow Zsuzsa Hetényi

The period from October 1, 2020 to the end of June, 2021 has been especially productive for the IAS Affiliated Fellow Zsuzsa Hetényi. Zsuzsa prepared several important publications in Russian, English, German and Hungarian, gave interviews and commentaries, finalized an encyclopedia entry. IAS CEU is delighted to celebrate this remarkable achievement by listing all of them here.

1. The project on the legacy of Shimon Markish