Application Form 2022/23: Affiliated Fellowships

Please note that you cannot save your work and continue filling in the form at a later time, so you are asked to submit your application when you have all information and materials ready! Incomplete forms, or applications submitted in any other way than what is described in this Call will not be considered.

Personal Data
Please enter a phone number where we can reach you, in the following format: country code - phone number
Academic Information
Please select the highest level of degree you currently hold.
Please select your main area of research/academic activity.
Fellowship Type: Affiliated
Please indicate if, depending on your academic experience, you are applying for a Junior or a Senior fellowship. (For eligibility criteria please see the specific Calls)
Please type in the title of your research project for the current application
Please select your preferred fellowship duration for the type of fellowship you have applying for (as described in the relevant Call)
If you previously applied for a fellowship at IAS CEU, please indicate the academic year(s) for which you did so.
Application Package
As the final step of the application process, please upload your application materials in a single pdf file no larger than 12 MBs. For information about what your application package should contain, please refer to the relevant Call. The name of the pdf file should contain your name and the type of fellowship you are applying to. (Example: Doe, Jane_Junior Core Application.pdf or Doe, John_Botstiber Application.pdf) Please note that incomplete applications, when either the webform is not filled in or the pdf application package is not sent, will not be considered. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application package shortly from IAS.
Files must be less than 12 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

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