Out now - a book by the IAS CEU Core Fellow Róbert Somos

February 19, 2021

IAS CEU is delighted to congratulate its 2020/21 Senior Core Fellow Róbert Somos on publishing his book Órigenész, Zsoltárhomíliák.

In 2012 Marina Molin Pradel, an Italian archivist of Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich, identified twenty-nine Greek homilies on Psalms in Codex Monacensis Graecus 314 as works by Origen. By now, Origenian authorship is already taken for granted, and the critical edition of the text of these homilies has been published by Lorenzo Perrone and his colleagues in 2015. The recent discovery is perhaps the most momentous event for the early Greek Christian studies of the last few decades. These homilies are the last work of the Christian master and the earliest non-fragmentary Christian explanations of Psalms.

The Hungarian translation, made by Róbert Somos, senior fellow of IAS, has been published in December 2020. The 14th volume of the series of Catena, edited by the Centre for Patristic Studies of Pécs University and Kairosz Publisher, contains the Hungarian translation of the twenty-nine Greek homilies and that of five Origenian homilies, which remained to us only in Rufinus’s Latin translation.

(Órigenész, Zsoltárhomíliák, Kairosz Kiadó, Budapest, 2020, (ISBN: 978 963 514 073 2), 490 pages, translation, introduction and notes by Róbert Somos