IAS CEU Affiliated Fellow Zsuzsa Hetényi receives an award

November 10, 2020

Zsuzsa Hetényi (Affiliated Senior Fellow at IAS CEU, 2020--2021) was awarded the Belletrist 2020 Award on November 7. The laudatory speech was written by György Spiró, one of the leading writers of Hungary.

This award is one of the most prestigious recognitions of Hungarian literary life, awarded by a professional jury of members of the independent writing organization since 2000, with the help of private sponsors.

The awards are given for the weight of literary activity in the last few years, mainly for works, but also for the inspirations given to literary life.

Zsuzsa Hetényi’s 930 pages monograph about Nabokov (2015) and her book on the literary interpretation, published in 2020 certainly played their role in the award, but the attention of the wider reading audience was drawn by her essay on Odessa of 1970s, published in March, 2020, which was translated to English, Russian and German. In September she was elected vice-president of the Association of the Hungarian Literary Translators.

Additional news (in Hungarian):