Out now: a book by the IAS CEU former fellow Călin Cotoi

September 8, 2020

IAS CEU is delighted to congratulate its former Junior Eurias fellow of 2015-16 Călin Cotoi on publishing his book Inventing the Social in Romania, 1848-1914. Networks and Laboratories of Knowledge (Brill Publishers, 2020). 

In Inventing the Social in Romania, 1848–1914, Călin Cotoi brings to life several ‘obscure’ anarchists, physicians, public hygienists and reformers roaming the borderlands of Europe and Russia. The book follows individuals, texts, projects, sometimes even bacteria, traveling, meeting, colliding, writing and talking to each other in surprising places, and on changing topics. All of them navigated the land, sometimes finding unexpected loopholes and shortcuts in it, and emerged in different and unexpected parts of the social, political or geographical space. Using materials ranging from anarchists’ letters, to social-theoretical debates and medical treatises, Călin Cotoi points to the larger theoretical and historical issues involved in the local creation of the social, its historicity, and its representability.