Cartoon controversies and European Court of Human Rights: the article by the Principal Investigator of the CAT project

June 17, 2020

In 2021/22 IAS CEU will be hosting a research group funded within by the Constructive Advanced Thinking (CAT) initiative. The group will be working on a project Cartoons in Court: Towards a Forensic Analysis of Visual Humor.

The group has already started working on the project and IAS CEU is happy to congratulate to the Principal Investigator Alberto Godioli on publishing the article Cartoon Controversies at the European Court of Human Rights: Towards Forensic Humor Studies (accessible at the Open Library of Humanities). The piece addresses an important topic of the challenges that humor (especially visual) presents to the judicial judgement and legal regulation of freedom of expression. It analyzes a corpus of legal rulings of the European Court of Human Rights with a view to answer the intriguing question how and where judges draw a line between innocent and harmful jokes. The piece brings in the scholarship of humor studies and makes an argument how this scholarship can enrich and, to an extent, help legal judgement.