Fellows' Publications

New articles by IAS CEU former fellows

September 14, 2020

The new academic year started with great news as more and more former IAS CEU fellows share their recent publications to which their fellowships at IAS CEU greatly contributed. 

IAS former fellow of 2014/15 Angelina Lucento published a piece Painting against Empire: Béla Uitz and the Birth and Fate of Internationalist Socialist Realism (The Russian review, Vol. 79, Issue 4).

Out now: a book by the IAS CEU former fellow Călin Cotoi

September 8, 2020

IAS CEU is delighted to congratulate its former Junior Eurias fellow of 2015-16 Călin Cotoi on publishing his book Inventing the Social in Romania, 1848-1914. Networks and Laboratories of Knowledge (Brill Publishers, 2020). 

Out now: book by the IAS Writer in residence Andrea Tompa

IAS CEU is delighted to congratulate Andrea Tompa on the publication of her novel Haza ('Home'), the book she worked on during her Artist in Residence fellowship in 2019/20. The book is published by Jelenkor Publishing, in Hungarian. An English translation will appear shortly. 

Cartoon controversies and European Court of Human Rights: the article by the Principal Investigator of the CAT project

In 2021/22 IAS CEU will be hosting a research group funded within by the Constructive Advanced Tninking (CAT) initiative. The group will be working on a project Cartoons in Court: Towards a Forensic Analysis of Visual Humor.