Fellows' Publications

Cartoon controversies and European Court of Human Rights: the article by the Principal Investigator of the CAT project

In 2021/22 IAS CEU will be hosting a research group funded within by the Constructive Advanced Tninking (CAT) initiative. The group will be working on a project Cartoons in Court: Towards a Forensic Analysis of Visual Humor.

Two articles and a book chapter by former IAS Junior Core fellow Pietro Delcorno

IAS is delighted to congratulate our former Junior Core fellow Pietro Delcorno on publishing two new articles and a book chapter on the topic of sermons that he was working at IAS (in Italian).

Quaresimali ‘visibili’: Il serafino, il guerriero, il pellegrino” (Studi medievali, III ser., 60/2 (2019), pp. 645-688) 

Former IAS/VSP Fellow Laszlo Strausz' new article

March 18, 2020

2018/20 IAS/VSP Fellow Laszlo Strausz published an article titled From affect to instrument: interpellation and governmentality in the BM Filmstúdió collection (Studies in Eastern European Cinema, 2020). The article results from the project Laszlo was working on while being a fellow at IAS in autumn of 2018.

Big Books in Times of Big Data: a book by the former IAS Junior Core Fellow

IAS CEU is happy to congratulate its former Junior Core Fellow Inge van de Ven on publishing her book Big Books in Times of Big Data