Frequently Asked Questions (AIR Fellowships)

Eligibility and conditions

Q: What is IAS CEU?

A: Along with similar institutes in Europe and elsewhere, the Institute for Advanced Study at CEU aims to provide a peaceful yet intellectually stimulating environment for outstanding post-doctoral scholars within the Humanities and the Social Sciences to work on their own research projects. IAS CEU hosts around 20-25 international fellows annually. The Institute offers weekly seminars and discussions, invites guest speakers, and arranges other forms of intellectual exchange within the group of fellows and between the fellows and other researchers working in Hungary.

The Artist in Residence Fellowship is only one of our many fellowship schemes. For information on other available fellowships at IAS CEU, please click on the Fellowships tab on our website.

Q: Are IAS fellows really expected to live in Budapest during the period of their fellowship?

A: Yes! Fellows are expected to reside in Budapest during their fellowship and devote their time and capacities to their research/artistic project. In addition to pursuing their research/artistic agenda, fellows participate in the intellectual life of the Institute and share their work in the form of weekly seminars and other types of community programmes. Thus, fellows who are granted fellowships at the IAS for 3 months are not allowed to leave for longer than 6 days in total (excluding the winter and spring breaks). For fellows invited for a longer period the allowed absence is proportionally longer.

Q: Do I have any chance to get a fellowship if I cannot relate my research/art to Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe, etc?

A: Yes, we do not have restrictions on research/artistic topic. Our only criteria are excellence and the ability to engage with the annual theme.

Q: I have a collaborator/collaborators I work with. Can we apply together and split the grant?

A: No. AIR Fellowships are awarded to individual artists/writers. If you wish, you can apply separately but please note that in the event of you being awarded a fellowship, your collaborator(s) will not be eligible for any financial support from IAS CEU and will have no legal relationship with the Foundation.


Q: In case I do not want to stay in the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse, can the IAS CEU offer me alternative housing?

A: IAS CEU will not offer accommodation other than the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse.

Q: Can I bring my family?

A: For longer stays IAS CEU will provide larger flats for fellows with a family, depending on availability. Spouses interested in obtaining a CEU Library card or participate in any of the academic events of the Institute or CEU are most welcome. We organize numerous social events where all family members are encouraged to attend. Please note in the case of some events (for example, the Fellows' Lunch on Wednesdays), Fellows' guest(s) will be charged a fee.

Q: Can I bring my pets to the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse?

A: Sorry, no pets are allowed in the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse.

Application process and online application form

Q: How can I include my portfolio or images, audio and video files in my application?

A: Please only provide website links (hyperlinks) to your work in the text of your application. Please do NOT include images or other files. Please make sure you observe the length restrictions specified in the Fellowship call.

Q: I can't fill in the application form.

A: When you open it, please click on "Enable editing" on top or on the "View" tab choose "Edit document" (at this point, you can also save it on your computer). Then fill it in by clicking into the boxes and entering the required text. When you are done, save it as a PDF and join it in one PDF with the rest of your application.

Q: When will I learn about the result of my application?

A: IAS CEU notifies all applicants after the IAS Selection Committee reaches a decision, but by the end of April 2017 the latest.

Q: Can I see the reviews you received for my application? 

A: No, we do not share the reviews with the applicants.

Q: Can I send additional materials to IAS CEU to strengthen my application?

A: We kindly ask applicants not to send any additional material.

How to contact us

Q: How can I get in touch with the IAS?

A: We accept inquiries through email. All questions regarding the AIR Fellowships should be sent to