Faculty Fellowships 2019/20

Call for Applications

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Deadline for Application: the call is closed

 The Institute for Advanced Study at CEU (IAS CEU) is pleased to announce its annual special CEU Faculty Fellowship (CFF) for the academic year 2019-20. The Institute seeks to welcome one senior or advanced junior faculty member, for either Fall or Winter semester, offering the participation in the Institute’s academic and social life and space to withdraw for the duration of one term from some of the usual departmental routine and teaching. IAS CEU, like similar institutions worldwide, invites scholars from all over the world to pursue their own research in relative peace for extended periods of time. At the same time, the Institute aims to build a lively, multidisciplinary intellectual community which encourages new perspectives of inquiry and scholarship. 

 CEU Faculty Fellows will be able to spend time on their research and writing projects alongside a fascinating international cohort of Fellows. In turn, CEU Faculty Fellows are encouraged to build synergies and intellectual engagements with the Institute, their department and the University at large. 

 As all other IAS Fellows, CF Fellows participate in the weekly Wednesday Fellows’ seminar and lunch, the only formal commitment, and are welcome to join in other academic, intellectual and social activities of the Institute.

 The CFF consists of a 4-credit teaching reduction during the semester of the fellowship. CF Fellows may opt to work for the duration of their fellowship on the premises of IAS on campus. Please note that applicants must obtain the endorsement of their department heads. Please turn to the Director of IAS if you would like to discuss your potential application.

 The Fall semester at IAS CEU runs from September 15, 2019 to early January 2020, the Winter semester runs from January 6th to June 30, 2020. Fellows are expected to be in residence for the duration of the fellowship. 

How to apply?

Please submit the following material through email to Eva Gonczi (gonczi@ceu.edu):

  1. An application letter which should state why an affiliation with IAS and a reduced teaching load are of interest.
  2. A brief (max. 5 pages) description of the research project and designating the preferred term (Fall or Winter) of affiliation. 
  3. A recent CV.
  4. A brief endorsement from the head of your department to be sent directly to Eva Gonczi (gonczi@ceu.edu or included with your application. (Department heads: please see note above on compensations.)

 Eligibility: Full-time, permanent CEU faculty, who have been in residence at the CEU for at least 2 full academic years are eligible for the fellowship at this time. Senior faculty or advanced junior faculty may apply. We define „advanced junior” as those who have held academic appointments after their PhD for at least 3 years, with at least two of these at CEU.  

 Deadline: January 27th 2019. Applicants will be selected by members of the Academic Advisory Board of the Institute. Successful candidates will be informed in late February.

 If you have questions related to academic matters, please contact the Director of IAS,  Nadia Al-Bagdadi at albagdadin@ceu.edu